ÔPIA, a detox drink to be consumed without moderation

It is pretty much impossible to not have noticed the rise in the ‘Detox’ trend. The idea is to purify and energize one’s body whilst enjoying oneself in the process!

Whilst healthy living fans swear by lemon infused water, detox waters and fruit and vegetable smoothies, they now have the chance to enjoy a glass of alcohol-free Chardonnay without it having a negative impact on their healthy lifestyle.

At 20 Kcal per glass, ÔPIA contains just half the calories of a soda, perfect for a guilt-free tasting experience whilst continuing to look after your body!

Owing to the absence of fermentation, ÔPIA contains no alcohol whatsoever, not even a trace, and can therefore be consumed without moderation.

ÔPIA spells good news for food and drink lovers who do not wish to deprive themselves or conform to drastic and restrictive diets.

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Peter Riegel