ÔPIA, in keeping with the times

Consumers are showing an increasing interest in the benefits of plant-based products and are paying more attention than ever to the needs of the environment and our planet. The organic market is expanding at a fast pace and consumers are paying closer attention to what they put in their body. Complete product transparency is therefore a primary concern.

The consumer’s health and well-being has become the number one priority as they seek to reassure themselves regarding the reliability of the product as well as its ecological value and ingredients.

The tasting experience and the notion of discovery and innovation are also high on the agenda.

ÔPIA is the first ever organic and unfermented alcohol-free drink to be produced from grapes. This innovative range allows the consumer to make healthy, responsible and well-informed choices regarding their choice of drink.

ÔPIA also makes the perfect solution for the rising ‘alcohol-free party’ trend and will make a stylish and tasty addition to your sober celebrations!

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