Five good reasons to drink ÔPIA

There is no doubt that today’s consumers are looking to take better care of their health, whilst still enjoying themselves!

For all those who do not want to compromise on taste, Pierre Chavin, the innovation leader in the world of wine, has created ÔPIA.

This range of 100% alcohol-free drinks, made from organic grapes, promises a unique tasting experience with all the natural goodness of fruit… and that is it!

The challenge was to create an unfermented drink, with no need for the dealcoholization process, using iconic French grape varieties grown according to organic methods of agriculture. A drink that offers all the sensations and pleasures of a wine yet without the effects of alcohol.

Completely natural and bursting with flavour, each and every sip promises maximum pleasure yet without all those calories. Light, refreshing and of course free from artificial colours, aromas and preservatives.

Created as a response to evolving consumer trends and the changing needs of our society, the ÔPIA drinks range is accessible to everyone and respects their needs, consumption habits and different cultures.

ÔPIA offers an alcohol-free drink that is nonetheless strongly rooted in the world of wine in order to unite and bring together a wide range of consumer profiles.

ÔPIA stands for sharing, discovery and enjoyment with absolute peace of mind.

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